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Jaeden Martell Archives is the first and largest source for everything about Jaeden Martell. You may know him for his role as Ben Denbrough in the two-part adaptation of Stephen King's It or more recently as the title character Jacob Barber on the hit Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob. Here, you'll find all the latest news, videos, interviews, high quality photos, and more.
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Appearances & EventsPhotos of Jaeden's appearances and events throughout his career can be found here.
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Photoshoots & PortraitsProfessional photoshoots, film festival portraits, and other similar photos can be found here.
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Film ProductionsPosters, captures, promotional material and publicity stills from all of Jaeden's film roles can be found here.
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Television ProductionsPosters, captures, promotional material and publicity stills from all of Jaeden's television roles can be found here.
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ScansScans of interviews, magazines and newspaper articles about Jaeden.
ScreencapsCaptures from Jaeden's television interviews and appearances can be found here.
CandidsCandids of Jaeden on set and at events.

NOTE: Jaeden Martell Online respects Jaeden's privacy, and will not post paparazzi photos of Jaeden that are taken of him walking out and about.
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Aug. 26 - "It" Cast at the Neibolt House in Hollywood12 viewsNov 01, 20202988 x 1965
Photoshoot - Schön Magazine11 viewsNov 01, 2020506 x 654
Photoshoot - Boys By Girl Magazine (Noa Grayevsky)11 viewsNov 01, 20201300 x 1034
Aug. 26 - "It: Chapter Two" Premieres in LA7 viewsNov 01, 2020400 x 600
Nov. 14 - "Knives Out" After Party12 viewsNov 01, 20203072 x 4608
Nov. 14 - "Knives Out" Discussion Panel12 viewsNov 01, 20204608 x 3072
Nov. 14 - HFPA and THR's Ambassador Party at Catch LA5 viewsOct 31, 2020416 x 600
Nov. 14 - "Knives Out" Premieres in LA11 viewsOct 31, 2020486 x 600
Featurette - Behind-the-scenes7 viewsOct 21, 20201920 x 1088
Captures [HD]5 viewsOct 21, 20201920 x 816

Last additions
5 viewsNov 01, 20202988 x 1965
5 viewsNov 01, 20202932 x 2046
1 viewsNov 01, 20203347 x 2242
3 viewsNov 01, 20202312 x 1792
1 viewsNov 01, 20201616 x 2597

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11 views1920 x 1056Jan 21, 2021 at 04:36 AM

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