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Jaeden Martell Archives is sporting a brand–new layout courtesy of Margos. I hope everyone else is a fan as well because I absolutely love it!

With the new layout has come some new updates around the website. The filmography section has finally been updated with career pages for Jaeden’s missing projects – Grief; Playing It Cool; Aloha; Framed: The Adventures of Zion Man; Midnight Special; and The Confirmation.

Additionally, the gallery has also received an update with new photos added in nearly every category, and a plethora of the existing photos from appearances & events being replaced with HQ versions. If you come across any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know via Twitter!

The filmography section has been updated with completed pages for It Chapter Two, It Chapter One, The Lodge, The Book of Henry and St. Vincent.

Additionally, the gallery will slowly begin to reflect these projects better, but you can take a look at what’s been added so far for films and television.

The Jaeden Martell section of the site has been updated with some new information! The “Through the Years” page features photos of Jaeden throughout different times of his career, and the filmography page has been updated with more information on both It films, Low Tide and the upcoming The True Adventures of Wolfboy!

Additionally, the gallery has been updated with HD captures of both Low Tide and The Lodge. You can check them out below.

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